Definition:  Signals that the brain sends to the body to carry out small movements, usually involving the hands.

Affects Our Ability To:


  • Grip a pen or pencil (the grip may be too tight or too loose)


  • Write and draw, especially under time constraints


  • Distinguish how much pressure is being placed on the paper when writing (whether writing too hard or to softly)


  • Write on the line (instead our writing floats on the paper)


  • Use scissors and cut along the lines


  • Learn to type


  • Use calculators (because the adjacent buttons are accidentally pressed)


  • Get dressed into our PE kits



Fine Motor Skills

Definition:  Signals that the brain sends to the body to carry out bigger movements, usually involving the whole body.


Affects Our Ability To:


  • Jump, hop, skip and run


  • Walk up and down stairs


  • Catch and throw, especially when playing ball games


  • Maintain our balance


  • Learn to swim


  • Learn to ride a bicycle or scooter


  • Stay still, we may swing or move our arms and legs a lot

GROSS Motor Skills

Definition:  Being able to put our thoughts in order, follow instructions and directions and complete tasks.


Affects the Ability To:


  • Create and carry out plans, for example writing a well structured essay


  • Organize your desk or locker and keep it tidy


  • Follow rules, especially rules that involve motor kills (for example, having to change into your PE kit in a short period of time)


  • Learn and recall information (for example, times tables)


  • Understand the concept of time and manage time effectively


  • Concentrate (may be easily distracted)

organizational Skills

Definition:  Being able to take part in social interactions, conversations, regulate our speech and pick up on social cues.


Affects the Ability To:


  • Connect with others in a group situation


  • Pick up other people’s non-verbal cues


  • Speak at a volume and pitch appropriate for the situation

Communication Skills