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famous people with dyspraxia

Daniel Radcliffe 


Daniel Radcliffe has publicly admitted to having dyspraxia.  In fact, his dyspraxia is the reason why he became an actor. Like most kids with dyspraxia, Daniel had a very difficult time at school. He struggled with his handwriting and with basic tasks, such as tying his shoes. In order to bolster his self esteem, his mother decided to enroll him in acting classes. The rest is Harry Potter history.

"I was having a hard time at school, in terms of being crap at everything, with no discernible talent." 

“Do not let it stop you. It has never held me back, and some of the smartest people I know are people who have learning disabilities. The fact that some things are more of a struggle will only make you more determined, harder working and more imaginative in the solutions you find to problems.”



In Cara Delevingne’s first cover of US Vogue (July 2015), she talked about her dyspraxia. In the Vogue interview, she spoke about the struggles she faced because of her dyspraxia, including that handwriting was difficult and that exams were always a nightmare. Cara eventually transferred to an arty boarding school where she could immerse herself in drama and music.

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