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Dyslexia is ……….


  • A brain-based learning difference. Dyslexia does not affect your intelligence. It changes how you interpret the visual input from reading written words, making it difficult for you to process the written words into information that you understand.


  • A common learning difference. Approximately 1 in 10 people are dyslexic. It is by far the most common learning difference. The odds are you are not the only kid with dyslexia in your class.


  • A lifelong condition. There is no cure for dyslexia. You will not outgrow dyslexia. However, with the right support, areas you find difficult can significantly improve.


Dyslexia is NOT ………


  • A problem with laziness. Research has shown that dyslexics use a different part of their brain when reading and working with language. This explains why we have difficulty extracting meaning from printed words. According to a University of Washington study, dyslexic kids use nearly five times more brain area than non-dyslexic kids when performing a simple language task. Far from being lazy, you are working a lot harder and using more energy than your non-dyslexic classmates.


  • A problem with intelligence. Dyslexia and intelligence are NOT connected. Many dyslexics are very bright and creative and have accomplished amazing things as adults.


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